State record rainbow bigger than the record pike? True or false...

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Here’s another quiz about fishing in Montana. All questions are true-false. Good luck guessing.

1. A minimum of 12 months legal residence in Montana is required before becoming eligible to buy a resident fishing license.

2. A Montana resident 62 years of age needs a conservation license ($8) and can purchase a two-day consecutive fishing license ($5).

3. In the 1970s, studies done on the Yellowstone River showed stocked hatchery-raised trout repressed wild trout reproduction.

4. There are more than 30 “game fish” in Montana.

5. River and stream anglers spend more money yearly than lake and reservoir anglers.

6. The highest number of resident angler days occurs in Region 3 (Bozeman).

7. August is the busiest month for fishing.

8. The North Fork Flathead River from Canadian border to confluence with South Fork is federally classified as Scenic or Recreational.

9. Arctic grayling are native to Montana.

10. Channel catfish are native to Montana.

11. Pygmy whitefish are classified as “Game Fish” in Montana.

12. The state record Mountain whitefish was caught in Whitefish Lake.

13. The state record rainbow trout is larger than the state record northern pike.

14. The oldest state record is a 26.63 lbs bull trout caught in 1916.

15. The state record walleye (17.75 lbs) was caught last summer (2017) in Tiber Reservoir.

16. The oldest state fish hatchery is Giant Springs in Great Falls (1924).

17. In Montana, whirling disease was first discovered in the Madison River.

18. 4th of July weekend is the busiest boating time in Montana.

19. According to 2015 statistics, nearly as many anglers fished Tiber Reservoir as Flathead Lake.

20. The only time you will catch fish is when your hook is in the water.

ANSWERS: 1)T; 2)T; 3)F; 4)T; 5)T; 6)F; 7)F; 8)T; 9)T; 10)T; 11)T; 12)F; 13)F; 14)T; 15)F; 16)F 17)T; 18)T; 19)T; 20)T

Source: Now You Know, published by FWP, 2017 ed.

Jerry Smalley’s Fishful Thinking column appears weekly in the Hungry Horse News.

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